Sports and Remedial Massage

Sports and Remedial Massage

If you suffer from any of the following, then Sports and Remedial Massage may be able to help you:

  • Sports injuries; e.g. runners knee, tennis and golfers elbow, tennis leg
  • Reoccurring injuries or wish to improve your sporting performance
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Muscle and joint aches and discomfort i.e. back, shoulder, hip and neck
  • Loss of joint mobility and flexibility, e.g. frozen shoulder

About this Treatment

Sports and Remedial Massage is a discipline using specific massage and neurological techniques on the soft tissues of our bodies, i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments and the fascia surrounding these tissues, namely Neurological Massage Technique (NMT), Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Soft Tissue Release (STR).


Sports and Remedial Massage can improve performance on both a competitive level and a well being perspective, hence it could be beneficial for individuals that participate in sport and others who are physically active. It can also be effective for everyday routine life, which can take its toll, both physically and mentally.

It assists the natural repair process of the soft tissues, from injuries such as strains, sprains and scar tissue. The breakdown and remodeling of acute and chronic scar tissue improves the elasticity of the soft tissues, allowing greater performance of the muscles and flexibility of the joints, therefore reducing chances of injury.

It improves the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage assisting in repair and of the soft tissues and removal of metabolic wastes, one example, lactic acid, a byproduct of moderate to intense exercise.

On a neurological level, massage both stimulates and sedates the nervous system and by varying the tempo of the technique, it is an effective part of both the pre and post event process (warm up/down), treats muscle spasms and reduces stress and tension.

It’s also valuable in the management of correcting postural imbalances, which cause the muscles to counterbalance each other, to effectively keep us upright and to protect our skeleton, hence tight and weak muscles form, resulting in poor posture and often pain and discomfort.

What to expect

Your first hourly treatment will comprise of an initial 10 minute postural analysis, to assess any potential imbalances, as it is often another area that is the primary cause for your area of pain and/or discomfort known as the “secondary or reactive” site. Hence, just working on the secondary area, may only cause short term relief.

Relevant after care advice such as specific strengthening/ toning exercises, postural awareness, setup of your work station etc will also be recommended.


  • Gemma - Per hour - £40

Sports and Remedial Massage services are offered by

Mark Stockwell - Newbury Registered Osteopath
Mark Stockwell
BSc (Hons) Ost.
Registered Osteopath