Almost every type of disease or injury has a mental aspect, even if this only relates to discomfort or pain that it causes. However, in some diseases and with some temperaments the mental factor is more pronounced. In such cases, psychotherapy is particularly important.

Various methods of treatment can be employed which depends on the patient-practitioner relationship, which are of prime importance.

SUGGESTION is the commonly employed method, sometimes a therapeutic suggestion may be made to the patient in the hypnotic state.

ANALYSIS consists of the elucidation of the half-conscious or subconscious repressed memories or instincts which may be responsible for mental disorders or personal conflicts.

Other methods of treatment which can be employed are, group therapy, education and employment, behavioural and cognitive therapy.

Psychotherapy can also be supportive, which aims to stabilise and strengthen the psychological defence mechanisms of those patients who are confronted by a crisis which threatens to overwhelm their ability to cope or who are struggling with the aftermath of major life events.


  • Per session - £80

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Stephanie MacLennan - Newbury Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist
Stephanie MacLennan
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