This restorative foot treatment begins with a contouring of nails and cuticles, followed by a foot soak, foot scrub and lower leg massage and nail buffing. This is an essential treatment to ensure tidy and healthy feet and to put a spring back into your step.

Medical Pedicure Treatment

A medical pedicure, more commonly known as “medi pedi” or “medicure”, is a non-invasive treatment that focuses on the hygienic and aesthetic care of toenails and skin. After a full assessment of your feet and nails, a trained podiatrist performs a dry procedure that combines podiatry with nail care. Your feet are then soaked in a relaxing foot bath, a foot scrub is applied, and once dry, your nails are painted with a colour of your choice. You are given the bottle of nail polish to take home with you.  The Medi-Pedi addresses unsightly and uncomfortable conditions such as: Athlete’s foot - Corns Calluses - Dry/cracked heels - Fungus -Ingrown/overgrown toenails - Nail discolouration.

The Ultimate Medi-Pedicure

Indulge your feet with this ultimate Pedicure! This treatment is the medical pedicure, and much more. Performed by our qualified podiatrist all common foot problems will be treated. Your feet are then pampered with a luxurious foot soak, a foot scrub and brushed in warm paraffin wax to sooth aching joints and improve circulation whilst the combination of oil and wax softens hard rough skin. Your feet are placed in heated foot boots to allow moisture to penetrate through the dermal layers of your skin, after which the nails are coated with a polish of your choice. Your feet and legs will be revitalized by massaging a specially formulated handmade pedicure cream into them. Finally a goodie bag will be provided to take home.


  • Pedicure £60
  • Medical Pedicure Treatment £75
  • The Ultimate Medi-Pedicure £100

Pedicure services are offered by

Hannah Beute - Newbury Chiropodist and Podiatrist
Hannah Beute
BSc Hons, MChS, HCPC reg
Chiropodist and Podiatrist