Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

For Past Life Regression the practitioner enters you into a hypnotic trance which allows past life memories to filter up to the surface of your mind. This is a perfectly safe, interesting and enlightening experience. Your eyes are closed and you feel as if you are in a different time and place and you are able to discuss this experience and to respond to questions.

Past Life Regression can be used for a variety of reasons:-


Past life events could affect many aspects of our present day behaviour, such as traumatic past experiences which can result in irrational fears, phobias, behavioural problems or emotional traumas. Some of these problems could cause psychological disorders. Past life regression can deal with these issues safely by releasing repressed thoughts which in turn could eliminate their adverse effects and bring about beneficial changes.


The realisation and understanding of your past lives offers a new dimension of understanding yourself and the many characteristics and facets of your nature. It could enable you to realise why you are attracted to certain interest, pursuits, careers, people or places.


Incarnating souls quite often reincarnate together and take on the roles of friends, relations, and some times a rival or foe. Many believe it to be the Law of Karma – that is the harmony and disharmony created by our behaviour to one another.


You may wish to trace your past purely out of interest or curiosity. Many people have found that from this past knowledge they were able to piece together names, places and dates which were then researched and authenticated.

Through this exploration of your past lives you can ...

  • Learn why you were born into a particular family.
  • Have a better understanding of present relationships, friends, rivals or foes.
  • Enlighten yourself about your character, ambitions, talents and gifts.
  • Gain insight into your destiny.
  • Help to clarify your future activities and plans.


  • Per session - £80

Past Life Regression services are offered by

Stephanie MacLennan - Newbury Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist
Stephanie MacLennan
CBH. PDHyp. D.Hyp.
Clinical Hypnotherapist