Life Coaching

A Life Coach can guide you through the process of achieving your life's goals and help you reach your true potential. Along the way you learn how to live every moment to the full.

Life Coaching can teach you to recognise and master fears. It can enable you to know what actions to take in order to overcome future fears; to have courage to change, explore, and grow, being thrilled by a challenge instead of avoiding it; to be curious and creative without fear of ridicule or reprisal.

There are natural human tendencies to make excuses and deny fears that could stop you going forward. Conscious or unconscious thoughts can make you rationalise that perhaps you are better off not taking chances or making changes. But, imagine yourself completely free from inhibitions, negative habits, anxiety and stress. How would it feel? What would it look like? How does that sound to you?

Here are examples of a few conditions that you may recognise hindering your own ambitions, and Life Coaching can help you identify and surmount them:

  • are you looking after yourself...
        ... is your health suffering at the expense of yor work?
        ... do you not have enough time to eat or sleep properly?
        ... are you not having enough fun?
  • are you too daunted...
        ... to take a new direction, challenge or opportunity?
        ... and feel over your head; out of your depth?
  • are you too afraid...
        ... to end a bad relationship because you may feel unloved?
        ... of failure that you don't aim for something you wish?
  • do you feel too intimidated...
        ... to stand up for yourself, especially when people put you down?
  • are you worried...
        ... about what people will say?
        ... that an action may cause you to be criticised?
        ... that you are not up to a challenge?

Previous incidents and negative experiences in your life may be colouring your attitude, and a Life Coach can help you identify them. Examples of incidents and their effects are:

  • feelings of worthlessness created when you cannot achieve desired standards
  • bullying leading to lowered self-esteem
  • separation from a parent at a young age can create fear of being abandoned

Above all, Life Coaching can help you take small and manageable steps to create a compelling and rewarding future. Wherever you are in life, you are in the perfect place to hire a Life Coach, who can be your guide to fulfillment and can help you enjoy life's journey, working to your agenda and championing you all the way!

"Self belief, self-motivation, choice, clarity, commitment, awareness, responsibility and action are the products of coaching"
John Whitmore,
Coaching for Performance


  • Per session - £80

Life Coaching services are offered by

Stephanie MacLennan - Newbury Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist
Stephanie MacLennan
CBH. PDHyp. D.Hyp.
Clinical Hypnotherapist