Kinesiology - Touch for Health

Imbalances in the body can be detected by the Kinesiologist by testing a person’s muscles for their ability to hold against a light pressure. Muscles are related to an organ, and also an energy pathway (meridian). The muscle, organ and meridian form a circuit. If there are imbalances emotionally, chemically, structurally of physically affecting the circuit, then the Kinesiologist test will indicate that certain muscles have been weakened ("feel spongy"), indicating an imbalance.

The Kinesiologist will repeat the muscle tests to gain feedback from the person’s body as to what factors are causing the imbalances and what is required to rebalance it.

A treatment plan can now be devised specific for each individual patient. It could include nutritional supplements; changes in life style; emotional stress release techniques; acupressure; gentle structural alignment; light touch; firm reflex massage; chakra balancing; flower remedies; etc; Or the Kinesiologist may consider it appropriate to refer the patient to another professional practitioner in our team for treatment which has been indicated from the Kinesiology tests. The exact treatment is determined by the Kinesiologist based on the results of the patient’s muscle tests, as this determines what is needed for the patient’s optimum health.

Kinesiology is renowned for being highly accurate as there is no guess work in this treatment.

What can be treated?

Every health problem will have at least one imbalance, and every imbalance will have at least one component to it (chemically; physically; mentally ;). Because Kinesiology can detect imbalances and then balance holistically it can help with just about anything.

Who can be treated?

Just about anyone can be treated, including the sick, injured, disabled person or baby (even newborn) because a surrogate can be used if necessary in place of the patient; e.g. parent, friend, relative, a member of our professional team, etc.

Treatment is carried out with the patient fully clothed, sitting, standing, or lying down on the treatment couch. The treatment could:-

  • Accelerate recovery from illness, accidents and injuries.
  • Reduce or eliminate many different types of pain and tension.
  • Increase energy levels and counteract fatigue.
  • Prevent future health problems.
  • Indicates immediately the underlying causes of imbalances.
  • Eliminate phobias.
  • Alleviate skin problems.
  • Correct dyslexia.
  • Identify allergy causing foods and remove their cause.
  • Identify dietary deficiencies.
  • Identify, alleviate or eliminate digestive problems.
  • Regulate hormonal imbalances.
  • It could help a person reach their potential.


  • Per approx. 1.5 hour session - £70

Kinesiology services are offered by

Martin Lewis - Newbury Kinesiologist
Martin Lewis
SBRCP, PKP Practitioner, ICPKP Faculty