Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis - Newbury Kinesiologist

Martin Lewis

SBRCP, PKP Practitioner, ICPKP Faculty

About Martin

Martin was originally trained by John Logue, one of the most forward thinking Kinesiologists in the country, and worked closely with him up until his death in April 2003. John Logue was credited by Susan Clark, Health columnist for the Times and writer of the best seller ‘What Really Works’ as being a master of his field. She also stated that "Kinesiology should be standard medical training for all general medical practitioners".

Martin states that: Kinesiology utilizes the muscles of the body to determine biochemical, structural, emotional and energetic dysfunction within the body. This dysfunction is generally experienced by most people as symptoms of pain and discomfort. By removing imbalances caused by stress we can bring the body back to full and efficient functioning. We deal with the causes of illness, not the symptoms

Martin specializes in biochemical imbalances, hereditary disease, toxicity, parasitic and fungal infection, and food intolerance and allergy testing. He also specializes in emotional trauma and resolution through Kinesiological procedures.

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Martin Lewis Senior Practitioner in Kinesiology