BHHC view from Russel Road Newbury

BHHC is the longest established Centre for Holistic Health in the County.

Established in 1980 in Shaw, Newbury by Rosemary Frances Lockyer, Berkshire Holistic Health Centre moved to the present town centre premises in 1995.

Our Centre has a friendly, informal atmosphere and the Practitioners are fully qualified and registered with the relevant professional bodies. Our current Practitioner and Treatment pages give full details.

Available treatments include:

Acupuncture Allergy Testing Aromatherapy Chiropody CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Counselling Therapy Counselling Cranial Osteopathy Deep Tissue Massage EMDR Gua Sha Herbalism & Naturopathy Hypnotherapy Indian Head Massage Kinesiology Massage Massage (Deep Tissue) NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming Nutritional Therapy Osteopathy Past Life Regression Physiotherapy Podiatry Psychotherapy Qi Gong Reflexology Reiki Sports & Remedial Massage Tui Na

You may find it helpful to browse the table below to discover the range of holistic treatments that can help with various common symptoms and conditions, but please feel free to contact the practice manager if you would like to discuss your symptoms or conditions before booking a treatment.

Do you suffer from
these symptoms or conditions?
Holistic treatments to consider ...
Aches & Pains Osteopathy Physiotherapy Reflexology Sports Massage
Aggression Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Allergies Kinesiology Medical Herbalism
Anger Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Anxiety Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology Massage Reflexology
Back pain Osteopathy Physiotherapy Sports Massage
Bullying Counselling Hypnotherapy
Calluses Chiropody Podiatry
Confusion Counselling Life coaching Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Corns Chiropody Podiatry
Depression Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology Reflexology
Digestive disorders Kinesiology Medical Herbalism Reflexology
Emotional stress Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology Massage Reflexology
Fear Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Food intolerance Kinesiology Medical Herbalism
Foot & knee aches Chiropody Osteopathy Physiotherapy Podiatry Sports Massage
Foot misalignment Chiropody Osteopathy Physiotherapy Podiatry
Frozen shoulder Osteopathy Physiotherapy Sports Massage
Gait problems Chiropody Osteopathy Physiotherapy Podiatry Sports Massage
Headaches Osteopathy Physiotherapy Reflexology Sports Massage
Hormonal imbalance Kinesiology Medical Herbalism Reflexology
Infertility Reflexology
Insomnia Counselling Hypnotherapy Reflexology
Jealousy Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Low self-esteem Counselling Hypnotherapy
Migraines Osteopathy Physiotherapy Reflexology
Muscular tension Kinesiology Massage Osteopathy Physiotherapy Reflexology Sports Massage
Nail infections Chiropody Podiatry
Pain control Hypnotherapy
Panic attacks Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology Massage Reflexology
Phobias Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Repetitive strain Kinesiology Osteopathy Physiotherapy Sports Massage
Sciatica Osteopathy Physiotherapy Sports Massage
Skin disease Medical Herbalism
Shyness Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Uncertainty Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Unhappiness Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology
Weight problems Counselling Hypnotherapy Kinesiology Medical Herbalism
Whiplash injuries Physiotherapy Sports Massage